Cathleen McCarron - Professional Voice Coach
Cathleen McCarron is a professional voice coach based in London.

Public speaking regularly comes near the top of surveys of things that scare people most.  Speaking in a formal situation, whether in front of two work colleagues in a small meeting, or in front of a conference audience of 200, brings various challenges: what to say, how to say it, how to deliver it.

Cathleen brings a unique skill set to her public speaking and presentation coaching, combining elements of voice coaching, classical rhetorical techniques and oral storytelling.

As a voice coach she can work on the “performance” aspects of speaking such as dealing with nerves, projecting your voice, making eye contact, managing the audience and finding presence.  She also, however, received training in rhetoric  during her year in the Voice and Text Department of the RSC, and now uses this extensively in her public speaking training work.  Rhetoric is much maligned nowadays, seen as the triumph of style over substance. This is a misconception.  Rhetoric is a highly practical and dynamic tool for constructing and winning arguments.  You use rhetoric to persuade, not to show off.  Cathleen will show you some of the tools of rhetoric that you can instantly use to enliven any presentation.

Cathleen also has a background as a professional oral storyteller and draws on this in her public speaking work.  In particular, she will help you to notice the difference between written and spoken language and how you can use this distinction to make your presentations clearer and punchier.