Cathleen McCarron - Professional Voice Coach
Cathleen McCarron is a professional voice coach based in London.
Cathleen gave me a whole new approach to Shakespeare through breath and voice that has opened up the Bard for me, I now feel the words flow through me, thank you Cathleen.
Anthony Maley
Shakespeare Summer School participant

Whether you are a professional actor in rehearsal, a member of a local dramatic society or an untrained performer preparing for drama school auditions, Cathleen can help you to unlock the character clues that lie in the structure, rhythm and language of your text.  Her approach to text is practical, accessible and physical and is aimed at demystifying the most complex text so that the actor can connect with it and be free to play.  She will not impose anything on you or “tell you how to do it” – rather she will work with your own ideas and interpretation, taking into account the wider context of your production, and simply help you to find the clues in the written language that enable you to make truthful and imaginative choices.