Cathleen McCarron - Professional Voice Coach
Cathleen McCarron is a professional voice coach based in London.
…Cathleen’s academic and practical grounding in voice and how to apply it is second to none…
Michael Corbidge
Senior Text and Voice Coach
Royal Shakespeare Company

Everything we say begins with a thought, an impulse that triggers a sequence of physical responses.  First of all we breathe and as that breath is exhaled it passes between the vocal cords, which vibrate and disturb the air stream enough to create a sound wave.  This sound wave continues travelling up into the open spaces of the upper throat, the mouth and the nose where it is amplified, in the same way as the body of a guitar amplifies and resonates the sound of a plucked string.  Finally, the sound is shaped into language by the movement of the tongue, lips and jaw.

The downside of this complexity is that if one aspect of the process isn’t working properly, your whole voice will be affected.  Cathleen will work with you to identify the source of the problem and give you exercises and strategies to solve it.