Cathleen McCarron - Professional Voice Coach
Cathleen McCarron is a professional voice coach based in London.
Your mastery of voice work helped me receive fantastic reviews for my HERO in Much Ado. You are incredible.
Amara Karan
Hero in Much Ado About Nothing, dir. Iqbal Khan, RSC 2012

As a performer, your voice is one of the most important channels through which your thoughts, ideas, emotions and stories reach the audience. It is vital that your voice has range, depth and variety so that in the moment of performance it will freely respond to your creative and imaginative impulses.

As a trained actress with over ten years of professional performance experience in theatre, film, TV, radio and voiceover, Cathleen understands the need to balance technique and creativity and the many potential reasons why the voice can be weakened, limited or constricted. As a voice coach, she has worked at the highest level of professional theatre, including a year in the Voice and Text Department of the Royal Shakespeare Company, and is passionate about enabling performers to reach their full potential. Cathleen will work with you to identify the source of any vocal issues you have and will give you practical exercises and strategies to overcome them.

If you do not have any specific issues but want to develop your voice, or refresh your knowledge of how to work on your voice, Cathleen can help you to create a specific developmental programme involving work on any or all the following areas:

  • body
  • breath
  • connecting breath and sound
  • developing and balancing resonance
  • speech muscularity

If you feel that your voice itself is not the problem but you still feel that something is missing, or if you would like to work on an audition speech, you may be interested in the Text section.

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