Cathleen McCarron - Professional Voice Coach
Cathleen McCarron is a professional voice coach based in London.

Whatever your job, much of your effectiveness and success depends on how you use your voice to communicate with others. It is easy to feel that your voice is somehow letting you down at work: perhaps you find your voice wavering when asked to present at meetings, or you feel that you speak in a monotone and want to find more variety and colour. Or perhaps you find your voice getting strained and tired by the end of the day.

Cathleen has worked with lawyers, doctors, teachers, bankers, fashion buyers, politicians, film and theatre directors, media professionals and many many others to help them to achieve a healthy, flexible and expressive voice. She will work with you to identify the source of the issue and give you practical exercises, tips and strategies for development.

If you feel that your actual voice is not the problem at work, but you wish to work on another aspect of communication, you may be interested in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills coaching or in Accent training.

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